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A Foundation Supporting High-tech R&D, Innovations and Technical Education in the Czech Republic

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The Benefits of ČVUT Media Laboratory Foundation for Students and Corporations
  • High-tech Research

Provision of financing and sufficient research capacity for projects initiated and supervized by academicians from Czech technical universities and Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

  • Research Projects Initiated by Students

Financial and knowledge support of student teams, which will be encouraged to start their spin-off business in the Technology Park of ČVUT or other university or to get financing from venture capital funds.

  • Research Projects Suggested by Corporations

Problem solving and hypotheses verification initiated by Partners and Members where selected student teams supervized by academicians from Czech technical universities and Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic will answer questions, such as: "What works and what does not?", "What is the optimal solution?", "Which technology should I invest in?" etc.

  • R&D Outsourcing

Help with formulation of sponsor's specific problem, contacts research, assembly of project team and mediation of technical help in situations where this "outsourcing of R&D" is the only way to find a solution, which would not be feasible with sponsor's own time and monetary recources.

  • Education and Nurturing of Future Experts

Professional development of top-notch technical and scientific specialists, which will actively participate in conferences, seminars, customized training programs and industrial internships in Czech Republic and abroad. Our other support will comprise publishing of books, textbooks, papers and financing of bringing leading foreign experts in the Czech Republic.

  • Human Capital

The combination of theory and experience can be enhanced by placing an employee directly into a project team according to sponsor's interest. Scholarships for excellent students, which want to develop their abilities in leading companies will also be mutually beneficial.

Partners and Members will be informed of the progress achieved in all projects at least twice a year. Our sponsors will be regularly invited to attend presentations and workshops to see demos of our achievements.