Partnerství a členstvíPartnership and Membership
A Foundation Supporting High-tech R&D, Innovations and Technical Education in the Czech Republic

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Forms of Participation of Industrial Institutions in the Foundation

  • Partnership

Partners of the Foundation will undertake financial support of the Foundation in the form of partnership contributions for a period of at least three years. In the framework of the partnership they will acquire contractual access to all results of projects supported by the Foundation, the targeted and expertly conducted work of 1-2 students on projects and problems of interest to the partner, inclusion of the partners name in all documents, especially in PR documents of the Foundation, and the right to one research study annually. The first ten partners of the Foundation will acquire the title "Founding Partner of the ČVUT Media Lab Foundation".

  • Membership

Members of the Foundation will undertake to support the Foundation financially in the form of a membership contribution for a period of three years. In the framework of the membership, members will acquire contractual access to all results of projects supported by the Foundation, inclusion in the list of members in selected PR documents of the Foundation and the right to priority solutions of any research studies.

Method of Distributing the Resources of the Foundation

The resources are distributed on the basis of a proposal from the Academic Board of the Foundation by the Boad of Directors of the Foundation. Renowned personalities sit in both Councils - important representatives of Czech colleges and the industrial sphere from the whole of the Czech Republic. For granting of support a simple but transparent grant system will be employed. Decisions of the bodies of the Foundation will be under the public control of partners and members of the Foundation, who will be kept informed of the distribution of resources in the form of grants. The Foundation operates nationwide and support may be given to a student or young worker from any college in the Czech Republic, providing he or she demonstrates sufficient qualifications or a proposed solution of innovative character.

Our Goal: Long-term Support for Creation of a Model Technical Environment

The partners and members of the Foundation cannot expect an immediate return on investment in supporting the Foundation. It is necessary to perceive it more as support of a long-term vision of a system of nurturing the high quality human resources essential for a technical and manufacturing environment in the Czech Republic capable of competing on a world scale. It is simply a bold investment in the future of this country.